The Caliman Family started its business in 1980, and we are the first company to produce and export papaya papaya in Espírito Santo. We have several certifications that guarantee credibility and excellence of our fruits, thus guaranteeing our presence in the main national and international markets.

  • Farm Caliman

    About us

    We are a company specialized in the production and commercialization of papaya fruit. The Company began its activities in the early 1980s, when the brothers, Antero Caliman and Ermando Caliman began to grow papaya...

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  • Products Caliman


    Papaya Caliman is a complete fruit, present daily in thousands of homes, hotels, spas and hospitals in various parts of the world. It should be consumed when it is completely ripe, with its skin almost 100% yellowish...

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  • Logistics Caliman


    We work with daily air shipments to the European and American markets. The fruit is harvested, treated, packaged and then transported in refrigerated trucks to the airports of Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, where it wait at the maximum...

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  • Social Projects Caliman


    AS Caliman is an association made up of all the employees of Caliman Agrícola S.A. in compliance with the Fairtrade criteria. Created to manage its own resources, from prizes, promoting social projects for employees...

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